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In normal input-fields you have some kind of auto completion. The problem: Auto Completion data ist generated from recent inputs. It would be nice to search a database. Here is a solution to this problem.

Try it!


How to integrate

You just have to include the auto_completion.php-file, this includes all other necessary files. If you want to put the files in another dir, then you have to edit this file.

Create a text input in php, e.g.

print "<input name='foo' value='bar' ".autocomp_init("search.php?s=%value%").">";

Parameters for autocomp_init:

The URL should contain %value%, this will be replaced by the value of the input.
search_msg (optional) 
A message, that is shown during search
error (optional) 
A message, that is shown, when nothing could be found

You have to provide the search.php-script. This is called via a XMLHttpRequest, the magic behind AJAX-technology. This script has to return XML-Data. Here is an example script.

<? Header("content-type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8"); ?>
<xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'>
$list=array("Queen", "AC/DC", "Metallica");
foreach($list as $l) {
  if(strpos($l, $_REQUEST[s])!==false)
    print "<ac>$l</ac>\n";

Important: The data may not include named entities (except >, < and &), you have to provide real chars.



  • In Konqueror and Opera the whole document scrolls if you use the cursor keys.
  • In Internet Explorer keeping cursor keys pressed doesn't scroll


This work was inspired by The mgBox

Meine Werkzeuge