Welcome to xover.htu.tuwien.ac.at
Diese Seite in Deutsch.

The Xover has been under update for some time now.
If you experience any Problems such as lost Password or Password doesnt work anymore,
do not hesitate to send an email to "help".


The X-Over is a Server for students, that are in contact
with the Fachschaft Informatik. It is located in the
Fachschaft Informatik of the Vienna Univerity of Technology.

Due to Paranoia Telnet access has been closed...
You can use an ssh-client to log on (f.e. putty)
or use our login (Java!).

Get the newest Version of putty at the Putty Homepage.

Do you really want to come in?

Wanna see some pictures of the X-Over?

Using Linux 2.6

Please report problems to: www @ Xover